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Active ingredients:  Permethrin and  Tetramethrin
Packing: 24 bottles/carton (or customization)
Fragrance: tasteless, lemon, rose, jasmine in a variety of fragrance to choose, to meet the needs of different groups of people, suitable for home use(or customization)
Validity time: 24/36 (months)
Quality standards: GB18416-2001
OEM: accept 
Usage: effective to kill the mosquito household pest, and add the natural fragrance of jasmine, the use of fragrance is not pungent, fresh family environment.
How to use: close the window before use, shake aerosol, holding bottle and let the bottle body vertical, Over the interior space or directly injection, and opening of doors and windows after 20 minutes later, proper ventilation, personnel can enter.
Product features: 
1. oil based, alcohol based, water based, rapidly kill flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and effectively protect you and your family.
2. high pyrethroids,stimulation is small, more secure, economical and environmentally friendly
This product is mainly exported to Africa, with all the export pesticide prcedure, can be the whole agent of the export of pesticides, such as customs, commodity inspection, etc.. We can do FOB, the company has a good reputation, guarantee both quality and quantity, and accept OEM service.

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