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Name:mosquito-repellent incense


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Active ingredients: ≥0.03% Pyrethrin
Toxicity: micro toxicity
Delivery time: 12 days /20HQ; 15 days /40HQ
Packing:5 double coils per box,one stands and one plastic mould try per box, 60boxes/carton (or customization )
Fragrance:  fragrant floral, lavender, jasmine, sandal etc. (or customization)
Valid time: 24/36months
IQuality standards: GB18416-2001
OEM: accept
Product description:
This product according to the unique environment of Africa and climate characteristics, choose a natural plant powder refined;pyrethrum acrylic resin for effective insecticide raw materials, high content of effective component, can effectively kill mosquito, prevention of epidemic in Africa, West Nile virus malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.
Product features:The unique packaging, micro smoke, burning wide, stable combustion, good effect.

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